Bra size

To get started, describe your favourite bra:

You know the one

Band size
Cup size

Cups fit

How do the cups fit?

Only 20% of us wear the right cup size. How would you describe your fit?


Now your bra band, how does it feel?

Did you know that 85% of breast support comes from your bra band? A good fit feels tight yet comfortable and the band needs to sit nice and straight across your back.


Is the centre of your bra sitting properly?

For good support, the center of your bra needs to lie flat against your chest between your breasts. No gaping!

Body shape

Which shape is most like you?

A huge 90% of women don’t know their own body shape. Choose the shape that most resembles you.

Breast shape

What shape are your breasts?

Have you ever noticed that one of your breasts is bigger than the other? You’re not alone. A surprising 80% of women have different sized breasts!




Based on your answers, we believe that this will be your perfect PrimaDonna size.

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